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The deadline for submitting articles to the Ergonomics in Design special issue on global warming and climate change is April 8. Many members of your TG may find this call for papers particularly interesting. Can you please send the attached reminder to your TG?

Many different HF/E disciplines can take an important role in addressing global warming and sustainable development, and we would like to encourage manuscript submissions representative of the diversity of human factors and ergonomics approaches necessary to solve these complex problems.

Thank you.

Ken Nemire
Senior Editor
Ergonomics in Design

Here’s a reminder that the deadline for submitting articles to the Ergonomics in Design (EID) special issue on human factors/ergonomics solutions to global warming and climate change is April 8. Contributions are invited on any topic related to how HF/E principles and practices have been applied, or are being applied, in efforts to address global warming and climate change. Articles should show how critical the science of HF/E was for the project or research, provide useful information for practitioners, and show how the results of the project or research addresses the problem of global warming and climate change.

Instructions for authors, publication policies, and sample articles are at: https://www.hfes.org//Publications/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=36

You can submit your article to the EID online submission site: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ergonomicsindesign

The special issue of EID will highlight the wide range of areas in which HF/E specialists have contributed knowledge and expertise, including design of the new technology such as smart homes and green buildings; design of tasks, jobs, and systems needed to implement and expand the new technology; and design of ways to help change decision making and behavior needed to recognize and comprehend the need for immediate action to avert the long-term consequences of climate change.

Submissions are due April 8, 2013. Long feature articles should be 3,000 words or fewer, and shorter articles should be limited to 1,500 words. Decision letters will be sent May 2013, and revised manuscripts are due December 2, 2013. The special issue is scheduled for publication in spring 2014.

This special issue will be promoted to governmental and other organizations with decision-making responsibilities related to global warming policies, in addition to HFES members and nonmember professionals in related fields. Your article will reach a large and diverse readership in an attractive, well-respected, peer-reviewed publication.

Questions about submissions for this EID special issue can be directed to Ken Nemire, Senior Editor, Ergonomics in Design, knemire@yahoo.com.

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