TG Chair
Dr. Tamsyn Edwards
NASA AMES Human System Integration Division
(650) 604-2165
Dr. Tamsyn Edwards is a Senior Research associate with San Jose State University and NASA Ames. Tamsyn’s research interests focus on human performance within the safety critical domain of air traffic control. Prior to her current role, Tamsyn worked as a Human Factors specialist at NATS, the UK-based Air navigation service provider. In 2013, Tamsyn completed a PhD from the University of Nottingham in collaboration with EUROCONTROL, which investigated human factor impacts on controller performance. Tamsyn also received training as a Human Factors investigator of air traffic control incidents.

Program Chair
Jim Griffin

Program Chair-Elect
Gabriel Ibara Mejia

New Initiatives Focal Point
Arjun Rao

Lean Hartman
Applied Building Sciences, Inc.
(843) 414-3336
Dr. Leah Hartman is a human factors consultant for Applied Building Sciences, Inc. located in Charleston, SC. Dr. Hartman applies her expertise with empirical scientific research to the objective analysis of personal injury matters and premises safety consulting. Her research has focused on how individuals perceive and interact with their environment and technology. Additionally, she assists in the reenactment of incidents involving human factors issues and has experience in forensic photography.

Newsletter Editor
Mohammad Al Sager 

Mentor Program Lead
Huiyang Li

Katie Berry
Fort Hill Group
(202) 643-0390
Katherine Berry is a Founding Partner and Principal Human Factors Engineer at Fort Hill Group. Dr. Berry leads Fort Hill Group’s Operational Human Factors Research Team on a variety of projects for the Federal Aviation Administration. These projects focus on improving human performance and safety across the National Airspace System including all air traffic control domains and technical operations.
Previously, Dr. Berry has examined human factors safety issues for Air Canada, GE Energy, and GE Corporate. Dr. Berry holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Clemson University where her dissertation developed human performance safety benchmarks and identified systemic contributing factor relationships present across multiple industries.