Vanderbilt University CRISS HF Engineer Opportunity

The Center for Research and Innovation in Systems Safety (CRISS) at Vanderbilt University is seeking a human factors engineer to join their multi-disciplinary team. The candidate will apply human factors and clinical informatics skills to complex healthcare technology development and process improvement projects.

The candidate will be responsible for conducting iterative user-centered design and evaluation process for ongoing clinical informatics interface development, facilitating improved system design and process. The candidate will also participate in federally funded patient safety research by collaboratively creating research evaluation plans, conducting quantitative and qualitative studies, and facilitating analysis and dissemination of findings. The candidate will work closely with CRISS faculty, interface designers, informaticians, software developers, managers, physicians, nurses, and other clinicians.

The candidate should have at least a master’s degree in human factors or related discipline and/or appropriate experience as well as an in-depth understanding of the theories, principles, and data associated with human performance capabilities and in the design and implementation of complex sociotechnical systems. The candidate should have project management experience. Familiarity with safety critical health care environments is highly desirable.

For more information, contact Matthew Weinger, MD (615-936-6598 or Vanderbilt is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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